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Ghost Immobiliser
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The Ghost Immobiliser stands out as one of the most comprehensive vehicle security systems available, and it also boasts exceptional user-friendliness. Your personalized PIN adds a layer of simplicity, while remaining mathematically impossible for any potential thief to guess.


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 Nationwide installation

 Seamless theft protection

 Customised PIN entry through dashboard

 Start blocking of engine

 Protection against Key Theft / Relay Attack / Key Cloning

 Premier aftermarket CAN Bus immobiliser

 Option for key fob

 User-friendly and streamlined

 Fully-transferable between vehicles

Gold standard in usability

In the event that you forget your PIN, your engineer will have supplied you with an Emergency PIN Code override. By simply scratching off this code from the card and following the provided instructions, you can easily reset your PIN.

After just a couple of drives, you'll become completely familiar with your Autowatch Ghost immobiliser, seamlessly incorporating it into your car-starting routine. It becomes just another part of the process, but with the invaluable addition of enhanced security and absolute peace of mind!

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Undetectable Security Shield

In the contemporary landscape, thieves employ diagnostic equipment to identify circuit cuts and aftermarket security measures. The Autowatch Ghost, devoid of any cuts, remains impervious to detection through these means. Notably, the Ghost security system operates without emitting any discernible frequency, rendering it both invisible and silent to potential thieves.

Even in the face of thieves utilizing key cloning technology, attempts to clone keys or replace the vehicle's ECU to bypass the Ghost Immobiliser prove futile. Irrespective of the theft technique employed, initiating the vehicle remains an impossibility without the initial input of your unique PIN.

Radio Frequency Scanners are commonly employed by thieves to pinpoint installed security features on vehicles. However, the Ghost Immobiliser avoids detection through this method as it neither transmits nor detects any radio frequency signals, ensuring its covert operation in such scenarios.

In instances where organized car thief gangs deploy diagnostics reading devices to identify circuit cuts on vehicles, the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser remains impervious once again, as it operates without necessitating any circuit cuts.

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Custom PIN Protection

Crafted from the existing buttons within easy reach of the driver, your unique PIN provides a personalized layer of security. The combination remains unknown to potential thieves, ensuring they cannot anticipate it in advance or even discern the presence of an immobilizer on the vehicle. You have the flexibility to change your PIN whenever you desire.

Fob Alternative

Prefer a comprehensive Ghost immobilizer security without relying on a PIN sequence? Opt for the 'override' driver fob instead. By keeping the fob with you while operating your vehicle, the proximity fob is automatically recognized by your Ghost security system when you enter the vehicle, enabling you to start it.

Without a driver fob, unauthorized individuals are unable to start the vehicle. When you choose this option, two fobs are included as a standard feature upon upgrading.

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Stealth Functionality

The Ghost Immobiliser ensures a stealthy operation, eliminating any possibility of a thief detecting the characteristic clicking sound associated with traditional immobilizers. This is achieved through the Ghost Immobiliser's direct communication with the vehicle's ECU on the data bus to effectively immobilize the vehicle.

In addition, the Ghost Immobiliser is both weatherproof and exceptionally compact, allowing seamless integration into the vehicle's mechanism. This design makes it nearly impossible to detect, enhancing its effectiveness in securing your vehicle.

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Engine Start Blocking

The Autowatch immobilizer effectively halts the starting of your vehicle unless the user inputs the personally generated PIN. This safeguard remains in place even if the individual possesses the keys, providing robust protection against key theft, keyless entry, and key cloning.

Detectable RF Signals or Diagnostics

Thieves often utilize Radio Frequency Scanners to identify installed security measures on a vehicle. However, the Ghost Immobiliser ensures no transmission of detectable radio frequency signals, rendering it impervious to detection in such scenarios.

Organized car thief groups may employ diagnostic reading devices to pinpoint circuit cuts on vehicles. In contrast, the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser operates without any circuit cuts, making it entirely indiscernible to thieves using this method.

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Fully Reversible

Your Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is designed for complete reversibility, allowing effortless removal and reinstallation in a new vehicle with no trace of its prior presence.

Directly linked to your vehicle's CAN (Controller Area Network), the Ghost Immobiliser generates a personalized PIN for you. This unique private sequence is created using buttons on your dashboard and steering wheel, ensuring that only those acquainted with the combination can initiate your vehicle.

Service Mode Functionality

In situations where someone else needs to temporarily drive your vehicle (e.g., valet parking) or during routine servicing, you can activate 'Service Mode.' This feature enables the vehicle to be started and driven without the requirement of the PIN.

CAN Bus (Controller Area Network) Functionality

The Ghost Immobiliser operates through the CAN Data Bus, minimizing the likelihood of detection and ensuring a straightforward and reversible installation process.

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